Welcome to the counter WordCounter360 ° also called word counter / character counter / timer letters / counter signs. You will find on this web page a free and easy online tool to calculate the number of letters, signs, characters, words, paragraphs and sentences in a text in any language.

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Keyword density

Introducing WordCounter360 °
WordCounter360 ° presentation.

WordCounter360 ° is a counter of words and characters online and free. It is a tool to count how many characters, letters, signs, words, sentences and paragraphs are in a text. WordCounter360 ° can also count the number of characters and words in different languages ​​and alphabets such as French, English, Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Hebrews.

WordCounter360 ° also calculate the density of keywords in a text. You can see the number of occurrences of words in a text to optimize its content for SEO for example. WordCounter360 ° give you the top 10 keywords in the text while taking care not to take into account the articles and pronouns.

Count words and characters uses.

With the counting of words or characters, you can easily and quickly find out the number of words and letters in a text. This can be useful when you need to write a text that will have a character limit, or when writing a text with a number of words or specific characters.

A counter of words and characters target a wide range of users: from student to professional SEO, journalist or writer, the community manager, the researcher ... These profiles may need a calculator to count the number of paragraphs, sentences, words or letters in their writing, thesis, message, article or text.

Counting words and letters, interest.

Space is increasingly important in writing when the message is limited for technical reasons or efficiency or to improve readability. Today each letter is important so your message must be short to be more powerful. That is why through our online tool, you can choose and change your words to meet the character limit or number of ideal words.

Count the letters and characters in a text to meet the limits is not a prohibition form of expression. This is a way to develop his talent of expression in speaking concretely. Long expressive texts with many words can be replaced with short phrases and powerful words using synonyms, homonyms ..

Counting words and signs, examples.

As time is precious, better to spend his time writing than manually count the number of words and characters. You will surely need a word counter for writing SMS messages (160 characters max) of twitter posts (140 characters max) or advertisements on Facebook (25 characters for the title and 90 for the body).

For webmasters, the online counter can be used to write descriptions with a number of minimum or maximum characters. For example for directories (250 char. In general) or to optimize the text descriptions and page titles of their sites so that the number of characters is approaching 60 characters for the title and 160 characters for the description.

Keyword density calculation uses.

When Google analyzes the content of a web page, one of its objectives is "to" understand "" the meaning of a page. For this, one of the techniques used by its robots is to analyze the words or phrases that come up most often in the text of the page and therefore to know the gross density of a word on a page (the number of times that word appears).

WordCounter360 ° allows to know the number of occurrences of the word or phrase that is found within the text and gives a score or weight to the word. However, this score is not representative enough of Google's vision for this word. So we must also take into account the position of the words on the page and the HTML structure of the page (title, URL, description, tag, etc.).

Compute density of keywords, benefits.

To further optimize the content of your website, simply copy / paste the different texts to automatically see the number of characters and words of the latter. The advantage of WordCounter360 ° is to remove common words whose density makes no SEO value to your texts.

You'll even be able to know the percentage of keyword density in relation to the entire text. The ideal percentage of good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is around 5% but not more not to be considered spam by Google spiders.